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Some Love from Our Clients:

For the last four years Stephanie Wilcott has been my massage therapist. I have had pain problems over the years with my lower back, shoulders and wrists. I'm very lucky to have found Stephanie, not only is she extremely professional and insightful, she is also committed to homecare instruction and patient education. The information she provides has been helpful to my pain management. I always feel better after a treatment. I highly recommend Stephanie as a massage therapist.

Bonnie Low

I have been a Client at Lynn Valley Massage Clinic for a year now and find the staff to be professional and friendly. I love the online booking feature on the website and find to be so convenient and easy to use. The atmosphere in the clinic is another feature that draws me back. So relaxing and calming and nicely decorated. I never have to wait long, but if I had to I wouldn't mind a bit. I would highly recommend Lynn Valley Massage Clinic to anyone who needed professional massage services. If you need a quiet one hour relaxing massage, or a more intense therapeutic one, Lynn Valley Massage Clinic will meet your needs and have you feeling like your old self.

Colleen P.

We have been receiving fantastic treatments from Tina for many years. Her personal touch, ease of scheduling, and advice for well being keeps us happy and healthy We always look forward to our visits to Lynn Valley Massage and appreciate how convenient the location is.

Lisa & Jeremy

My husband and I have been going to Lynn Valley Massage Clinic for the past 3 years and we have been treated by various therapists throughout our time. We appreciate the flexibility offered and quick response when scheduling appointments- we have both had acute injuries that have needed immediate treatment. However, the best part of our experiences has always been the treatments themselves- the therapists we've seen have been able to pin point the area in need, use the perfect amount of pressure and check in with us to ensure our needs are being met. The atmosphere of the clinic is inviting and peaceful and the location super convenient (easy parking!).

Tiffani M.

I highly recommend the Lynn Valley Massage Therapy Clinic. I have massage therapy benefits from work to use, but being newly back to the North Shore I wasn't sure where to go. I was able to visit 4 different registered massage therapists to sample their styles and find what worked well for me, while they were able to share my file, so I didn't need to re-explain any of my background to them. It was really like having a team of professionals working for me. I would recommend them to anyone who wants to try different services/styles out in a comfortable, supportive environment.

Krista K.

Right from the start, Lynn Valley Massage Clinic impressed me with their efficient, professional, and attentive approach that inspired confidence with its staff's years of therapeutic massage experience. I've never had a massage therapist listen to me more intently than they do. I can finally stop hunting around for a Massage Therapist. Lynn Valley Massage Clinic makes you feel relaxed the moment you walk into the Clinic's waiting room. It is a nice comfortable size, not a tiny cramped space. I like to get to the Clinic 15 -30 minutes early just to sit and relax; some pre-massage time and space. Sometimes I just sit and read while sitting on the couch. You find yourself feeling comfortably assured that you will be receiving a wonderful therapeutic experience. Since starting with Lynn Valley Massage Clinic in 2007 I have found the staff to be helpful, knowledgeable, friendly and non-competitive. (The therapists do not mind sharing you with another therapist when schedules do not meet) The Lynn Valley Massage Clinic therapists have been able to offer me healing hands through a life time of sports injuries, stress at work, travel, self-maintenance and occasionally, self-inflicted injuries. I have always felt comfortable, cared for and safe on their tables. I appreciate that the therapists work with me to find the right techniques and pressure to meet my needs while bringing the ability to intellectually engage me in their massage work, so I appreciate and understand what they are doing while still making the massage a serene and relaxing experience. You get to decide if you need quiet during the session or if you are up for comfortable conversation. They take their cues from you; they check in with you, asking for feedback and respond with methods of individualizing care. The benefits of a massage extend into my day-to-day wellness because the Therapists also help me to understand what's going on with my muscles and joints and to identify habits potentially causing aches and knots. They encourage me to be an active part in my own treatment by putting me to work with passive resistance stretches or offering me suggestions for moves I can do at home. They can do this I believe because they are very knowledgeable, grounded, and tuned into their clients. They seem to always be learning new massage techniques that make them even more expert in their craft. I've come to trust in the healing power of massage.

Grahame G.

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